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Christian Ying, Kin, AT, Osteopathy (current thesis writer)

Christian Ying is a Registered Kinesiologist and an Athletic Therapist (AT) who completed his studies in osteopathy. He is currently in his thesis writing year at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in order to obtain his Osteopathic designation. His love of sports and the desire to help others with their injuries and pains had led him to become an AT. He completed his studies at Sheridan College become an AT in 2007.  Moreover, being taught by DOMPs at Sheridan, has lead Christian to pursue a career in osteopathy with the main goal of treating the whole body, not just the injured area. 

A holistic approach is what Christian believes in and strives to achieve with each client that he treats. He also believes that if the practitioner helps bring the body back into balance it has the ability to heal itself. He has been working as an AT for about sixteen years, but midway through his AT career he became very interested in the connection between the body’s systems and how to treat them in an orderly manner that Osteopathy brings forth. He is currently in his thesis writing year at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. Christian is also graduate from York University with a BA Specialized Honours in Kinesiology. This has helped him become a keen observe of the human body. 

Christian is here to help and serve each and every client he meets to the best of his ability and knowledge. He looks forward to meeting people from around the community. 

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